Little Bay Survey Drone



A post-construction LIDAR survey will be conducted by a drone by our contractor, Ocean Surveys Inc., in Little Bay between Durham and Newington this weekend into next week.

The land work will be during normal project work hours. We anticipate the land work will start Monday (3/9) and be complete by Thursday (3/12).

Because the Little Bay work is tide-dependent, the drone survey in Little Bay will need to take place as early as 5am, and as late as 10pm, and will start on Sunday (3/8). Little Bay work is exempt from typical work hours, per MOU.

The GPS base station will be at Adams Point. The land work will consist of setting survey control for the drone. This entails a person walking the shoreline with a GPS in hand. This work is not likely to be noisy or visible by residents. Residents who abut Little Bay have been notified.