Inspections and Permits

Plumbing inspections are conducted by the Plumbing Inspector. Call (436-7640) the Town Hall to request an inspection.

Electrical inspections are conducted by Michael Regan. Call 436-7640 to request an inspection.

Building Permits: Within Newington's non-residential zoning districts, new construction, the expansion of a building's footprint, or a new type of land use requires Planning Board approval prior to the issuance of a Building Permit. Town Planner Gerald Coogan (603-436-7640) can provide additional details on that process.

Sign Permits: The erection or alteration of signs requires a Sign Permit to be issued in advance.  Town Planner Gerald Coogan (603-436-7640) can provide additional details on that process.

Restaurants/Food Vendor Approval: All proposed restaurants and food vendors must obtain approval from Health Officer Kevin Kelley (603-436-7640) prior to serving food to the public.

Building activity within 250 feet of the bay or the Piscataqua River is regulated by New Hampshire's Shoreland Protection Law. Permits from the NH Department of Envirionmental Services are required in advance.