Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission's primary duties are to review applications for land development or any type of proposed change to the exteriors of buildings in the Town's two local historic district, as authorized by NH RSA 674:46. The Commission's decisions are guided by the Historic District Regulations (requires Adobe Acrobat to download).

The Old Town Center local historic district encompasses all Town-owned land situated in the old town center. Newington's second local historic district is comprised of eight acres at Bloody Point that are owned by the State of New Hampshire and leased to the Town of Newington.

In Newington, the Historic District's jurisdiction has been expanded well beyond the boundaries of the designated historic districts to include archeological sites, stone walls, graveyards, and other historic landmarks located throughout the town. The Planning Board generally consults with the Commission when historic resources are threatened by proposed development.

The Commission is comprised of six members all of whom are appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The commission meets on the third Thursday of the month at 5pm.

In order to place business on the Commission's agenda, forward a written request to Town Hall.


Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Lulu Pickering Member (2020)
NellAnn Hiatt Alternate (2020)
Alan Wilson Member (2022)
John Lamson Member (2022)
Christopher Cross Member (2020)