Sewer Commission

The Newington Sewer Commission oversees the operation of the Newington Wastewater Treatment Plant located at 115 Gosling Road.

Sewer Commission

The plant services the industrial and commercial sections of Newington located to the East, and just West of the Spaulding Turnpike, as well as a few residential properties located along the existing sewer lines. There are no sewer lines in the residential areas of Newington Village and South Newington.  Funding for the Wastewater Treatment Plant is provided by the users of the wastewater system.

The Newington Waste Water System is comprised of:

  • 11 miles of separated sewer lines that include gravity fed pipes and a pressurized forcemain line.
  • 2 pump stations
  • 2 newly updates sequential batch reactors.
  • Shared outfall with the Pease Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant began in 1979 and the plant went online in 1981.   In 2005 the Plant received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Wastewater Operations and Maintenance Excellence Award (  for its commitment to quality water improvement. To continue to meet EPA requirements the plant completed a 2-year major upgrade project in early 2018.

Daily operations of the Wastewater Treatment Plant are by contract with Utility Partners and run by Plant Manager Denis Messier.  For questions about the Newington Wastewater Treatment or to reach the Newington Sewer Commissioners please contact the Wastewater Treatment Plant at (603) 431-4111.

Staff Contacts

Name                                       Title                              Phone

Denis Messier                          Plant Operator         (603) 431-4111


Board Members

Name Title
T. Dean "Skip" Cole Chair (2022)
Tom Hazelton Commissioner (2023)
Rick Stern Commissioner (2024)