Pease Restoration Advisory Board Seeking New Members


The Pease Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) that focuses on the former Pease Air Force Base water contamination issues, is accepting applications from anyone interested in serving on the RAB. The application is attached to this announcement.  The deadline for the application has been extended to January 15, 2023.

As for a reminder, the group’s operating procedures are attached. This document describes how the RAB works. As stated in that document, the "RAB offers members the opportunity to influence cleanup decisions through discussion and to provide input to the installation decision makers. Because representatives of the environmental agencies overseeing cleanup participate in the RAB, the RAB offers members and the public the opportunity to share their questions, concerns, and ideas with agencies involved in the cleanup.” 

The RAB meets approximately quarterly for 2-3 hours, generally in the late afternoon and evening (hybrid or in person or on zoom). We are looking for three members. RAB community membership is limited to individuals who live or work on, or near Pease, or are affected by the installation’s environmental restoration program.

Feel free to reach out to current RAB members or contact Ona Ferguson or me at the emails below with any questions. 

Ona Ferguson:
Cameron Hager:


Thank you!

Cameron Hager and Ona Ferguson, Pease Facilitation Team

Cameron Hager,Junior Associate

Consensus Building Institute

C: 508-614-8466