Major Businesses & Industries

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Newington is known mainly for its high profile malls that are situated at the epicenter of the Seacoast region's retail market. Newington's one million square feet of mall space is surpassed in New Hampshire only by the mallage of Nashua and Manchester. Salem NH Town Planner Ross Moldoff, no stranger to retail development, claims that Newington has some of the most aesthetically pleasing mallage in the state.

Less visible are Newington's industries. For the most part, they pre-date the malls and pay better wages. These industries include Tyco's 450,000 square foot fiber optic cable manufacturing plant, Westinghouse's 66,000 square foot nuclear reactor manufacturing plant, Georgia Pacific's 300,000 square foot wallboard plant, several bulk storage tank farms owned by Sprague Energy and Sea-3, Inc.that boast a combined storage capacity in excess of three million barrels, and Thermo Electron's(formerly called Neslab) 130,000 square foot instrumentation plant. Neslab alumni may be contacted via a web sitededicated to present and former employees of the company.

Newington is one of New Hampshire's largest exporters of electricity. The 406 megawatt PSNH Newington Station burns gas and oil. A second electrical generating plant was recently constructed:Newington Energy's 525 megawatt gas-fired plant. The Town's industrial district has ample room for more such plants, along with an abundant supply of natural gas, cooling water, and proximity to the electrical transmission grid. The response of Town officials to power plant proposals has been notably positive. One benefit of the latest generation of gas-fired power plants is that these facilities produce electricity less expensively, more efficiently, and with significantly lower emissions than do older coal and oil burning plants. The older plants will be hard-pressed to compete, and some will shut down. The net result will be cleaner air and lower electric bills.



Lately, Newington has also been attracting several high-tech businesses, a result ofthe region's e-coast phenomenon. High-tech companies such asWilcox Industries moved into Newington's Industrial District, while the pioneering bioinformatic firm Informagen blends nicely into Newington's rural landscape. The Town has recently made more land available for high-tech development.

Newington's success in attracting industrial development owes to several factors:

  • unparalleled access to water frontage along New Hampshire's only deep-water port
  • a complete array of public utilities including gas, sewer, water, telecommunication lines, and an ample supply of electricity
  • convenient access (i.e. two miles or less) to Interstate 95, the Spaulding Turnpike, the Boston & Maine Railroad, and an 11,000' long public airstrip at Pease
  • a strictly enforced zoning ordinance has prevented incompatible land uses from interfering with industrial operations.
  • an abundant supply of attractive homesites that are only a one hour drive to the urban amenities of Boston, a two hour drive to the ski slopes of New Hampshire's White Mountains, and a fifteen minute drive to several ocean beaches.

For more information on industrial development opportunities, contact Town Planner Gerald Coogan at 603-436-7640.