Gourmet Restaurants

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A constellation of fine restaurants grace Newington's mall district. In fact, a patron of international cuisine can travel the world without ever leaving sight of the Fox Run Mall. From EL Rodeo to the more traditional  faux-Canadian fare of Bug-A-Boo Creek (originally headquartered in Rhode Island, and subsequently purchased by an Atlanta-based conglomerate), Newington's culinary treats span the globe. Even the local pancake emporium is aptly named International House of Pancakes.

Newington's other notable chain restaurants include the Italian themed Olive Garden (from Florida), the ubiquitous McDonald's, and Silicon Valley based Chuck-E-Cheese. The Fox Run Mall's food court features a constantly evolving array of nationally known, fast-food emporiums ranging from Taco Belland Burger King to the usual purveyors of cookies and frozen yogurt.

Going head-to-head with Bugaboo is Longhorn's at the site of Midas Muffler.

Meanwhile, yet another steakhouse appeared on the horizon in mid-2007. The folks at the Tennessee-based Texas Roadhouse opened to huge crowds at the corner of Woordbury Avenue and Fox Run Road.

Early in 2008, two more franchise eateries arrived at the Crossings, complete with sidewalk seating to provide a little Parisian ambiance. By all accounts,Chipotle (a nationwide purveyor of "gourmet burritos and tacos") and Cold Stone Creamery ("the ultimate ice cream experience") are thriving in the heart of Newington's mall district. The Newington Chipotle is that company's only New Hampshire location, and is the chain's most northeasterly outpost.

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