GIS Data Sharing Policy

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The Town of Newington periodically contracts with GIS and land surveying professionals to develop spatial information for the Town. This information is frequently combined with GIS information from publicly available sources by a volunteer GIS staff. With the exception of the restrictions stated below, this combination of information is freely shared by the volunteer staff with nearby Towns, Cities, Regional Planning Commissions and educational institutions, such as the University of New Hampshire. The volunteer staff does not have time or resources to respond to information sharing requests outside of the above.


Information Sharing Restrictions

Respect for the privacy of our citizens and landowners is paramount. Identification of residency, ownership, assessment and contact information is reserved for use by the Town of Newington only - and will not be included as part of GIS or Tax Map data sharing. While some of this may be publicly-available information via other sources, it will not be provided as part of the Town's spacial information. Plots of land will be identified by tax map page and parcel number only. Structures will be identified by street number and street name only.


Information Sharing Requests

The Town does not sell its data. Requests for sharing GIS and Tax Map information, on a cost recovery basis, will be directed to the Rockingham Planning Commission (for GIS data) and Meridian Land Services (for Tax and Zoning Map data). These institutions may charge reasonable and customary fees for isolating, merging and assembling the data onto digital media to meet your requests.


GIS Data

The Rockingham Planning Commission website is A PDF document of their GIS data sharing policy can be downloaded from GISPolicyFull.pdf.

Tax & Zoning Map Data

The Meridian Land Services website is Their contact page is



This policy was adopted by the Newington Planning Board on May 21, 2007.