Exit 4 Improvements

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In 2005, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation undertook the reconfiguration of Exit 4 in order to allow two-way traffic in the turnpike underpass. The turnpike's south-bound exit ramp was re-routed across the Flagstone's property. The original plan called for the ramp to intersect Nimble Hill Road at the Fladstones drainage ditch.

At well attended public hearings in January and July of 2001, many Newington residents pointed out that the proposed configuration would bring numerous large trucks and their attendant noise and fumes closer to the Town's residential district, and that such a change would be unacceptable.

Department of Transportation (NH DOT) officials then went back to the drawing board in order to address the concerns raised by Newington residents. On April 9, 2002, NH DOT presented a new plan to the townspeople.

The new configuration would run the Exit 4 ramp through the Newington Inn rather than alongside the drainage ditch. This plan would provide a wider buffer between the ramp and nearby residential properties.

Another advantage of the new plan is that it includes a narrow buffer between the southbound entrance ramp (in front of the Exxon) and the turnpike's travel lanes. This will allow mortorists entering the turnpike to gain sufficient speed to enter the turnpike without having to worry about getting rear-ended by someone coming southbound down the breakdown lane, as has been known to happen.

For the most part, the latest configuration was well received by townspeople. The project provides a safer alternative for Newington residents traveling north on the turnpike.

Construction is scheduled for completion in the Summer of 2006.